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Page presented by Cornelius von Baeyer. Meet my family:



  • Edwinna von Baeyer -- My very nearest, and dearest -- landscape historian, writer, editor.
  • Eliza von Baeyer -- Our eldest -- postgrad in human & organizational development, and, as Indie*Go Designs, creator of fun, funky, original jewellery.
  • Carl von Baeyer -- My brother, a psychologist and ukulele player.
  • Hans Christian von Baeyer -- My brother, a physicist at the College of William and Mary.
  • Chris von Baeyer -- My nephew, an actor, educator and consultant in Toronto.

See the house where Edwinna and I live, with a bit of its history since 1912: The Marion House, Old Ottawa South (This article is the basis of an entry in the Ottawa South History Project, dated September 2008. This website also shows a watercolour of nearby Bank Street Bridge c.1955 by my sister, Veronika Finckh.)

See Edwinna's history of our neighbourhood park: Windsor Park in Old Ottawa South. (This report is the basis of an article in OSCAR, the community newspaper, of November 2010.)

See the article I wrote with Kathy Krywicki about Slattery's Field in Old Ottawa South: Ottawa's First Accidental Airfield for the OSCAR of January 2010.

See the piece I wrote with Kathy Krywicki on Our Community 100 Years Ago: A Sketch of Old Ottawa South in 1911 for the OSCAR of January 2011.



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